Innovating the music industry to provide benefits for music artists to create music and a means in which to democratise music ownership so that potential massive returns of the music industry can be shared by both artists and their investors.

Don’t Just Sign to a Label….
BECOME the Label!

HCL Artist Contracts provide a 50/50 partnership between HCL and the Artist.

Own the
Master Copyrights

By becoming your own Label, HCL Artists retain the copyright ownership of all their music.

The Hunter Corp Team

Combining a team of music professionals (who have created and managed global successful artists and bands) plus HCL’s company board (consisting of experienced professional in the fields of technology, music, law and finance) – HCL believe they have the team to develop music artists into a global success.

Where is Hunter Corp Based?

Our main office is in London, but we also have team members based and access to facilities all over the UK and throughout Europe.

Contact us for further information as to how HCL partnerships can work for you.