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Welcome to Hunter Corp Limited (HCL)

The music industry has undergone some massive changes over the past few years making it even more difficult for new talent to successfully break into the industry.  

Gone are the days where Record Labels eagerly signed new talent, putting them through their artist development departments allowing them to become better performers and songwriters over time. Today, Labels expect artists to be fully polished with a huge social media base BEFORE they will even take a look at you.   

Then the way that society consumes music has changed.  Now Music companies are more concerned about having one hit song than developing an album or body of work which again makes it even harder for new artists to get noticed.

                          Hunter Corp’s mission is to help music artists cut through the white noise                                                                         transforming artists into successful, music empires.

Resourced with a network of some of the industries most accomplished and respected professionals, Hunter Corp (HCL) facilitate everything an artist needs to create the foundation for a profitable, long-lasting career in the music industry.

Artists signed with HCL will undergo the complete HCL process which involves two stages.  Stage ONE is artist development where we create and develop branding in order to build a commercially viable product that can be monetised.  Stage TWO moves to market entry and ongoing operations to maximise the potential of the artist’s brand.  

But of course, HCL are able to tailor services to meet an artist’s individual requirements should they just be looking for a particular music service (i.e. song writing collaborations, music production services or a facility to rehearse etc).



What’s the Hunter Corp Difference?

HCL have created an innovative way to provide benefits for music artists to create music and a means in which to democratise music ownership so that the potential massive returns of the music industry can be shared by both artists and individual investors.

Don’t Just Sign to a Label….
BECOME the Label!

HCL Artist Contracts provide a 50/50 partnership between HCL and the Artist.

Own the
Master Copyrights

By becoming your own Label, HCL Artists retain the copyright ownership of all their music.

Join the

Join HCL in creating an investment class around music artists.

                               HCL have partnered with music artists that have achieved 285+ million streams, have 1+ million committed fans and have been successful                                                                                                                                      in creating revenue generating brands for our signed HCL artists.    


The HCL Explained


Depending on their current career status, music artists signed with HCL will undergo two stages of development.

SLIP defined as Sound, Look, Internet, Performance is where we believe the transformation process begins as during this stage the client develops and creates their brand by determining their mission, outlining their values and goals, creating a vision and defining who they want their target audience to be. The components of SLIP aren’t necessary sequential but enable the artist to create a commercially viable product and one that can be monetised for profitability and success.

Stage ONE - SLIP


At the completion of the SLIP components, the artist will have created a customised brand ready for market entry and has the foundations on which to launch and build their music empire.

Stage TWO - Market Launch

With the completion of SLIP the brand/ product has been developed and is ready for the next stage in the HCL Campaign process which is taking the product to market.                   Hunter Corp engage a “Dream Team” of industry professionals who become the creative driving force in partnership with the artist.

This includes the following appointments:

  • Distributor
  • Playlist promotor
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Manager
  • PR Manager
  • Radio Plugger
  • TV Plugger
  • Promoter
  • Admin, Accounting, Legal and artist PA

This creative team then works alongside the artist to plan the launch of the brand and the release of music which involves the creating of custom campaigns, preparing marketing and social media calendars, liaising with booking agents and promotors and sourcing sync and other corporate style opportunities.

The final component of the HCL process is geared towards cutting through the white noise and coming up with creative means in which to get the artist noticed.  This is separate to the other marketing and social media content which is largely aimed at developing the artist brand whereas in this component it is specifically geared towards # or viral campaigns.

The Hunter Corp Team

Combining a team of music professionals (who have created and managed global successful artists and bands) plus HCL’s company board (consisting of experienced professional in the fields of technology, music, law and finance) – HCL believe they have the team to develop music artists into a global success.


Where is Hunter Corp Based?

Our main office is in London, but we also have team members based and access to facilities all over the UK and throughout Europe.



Contact us for further information as to how HCL partnerships can work for you.

HCL have partnered with music artists that have achieved 285+ million streams, have 1+ million committed fans and have been successful in creating revenue generating brands for our artists.    Contact us for further information as to how Hunter Corp music partnerships can work for you.



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